Supercars are fast, expensive and very powerful and you could be driving one when you book a thrilling driving experience with us or book a gift voucher for someone special. Filter by price to find the best and latest special offers.

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Ferrari Lamborghini Aston or Audi R8

Which of these amazing supercars will you choose to drive for three or four thri...

Product ID: 6550

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£99.00   £79.00

Aston Martin Drive Ariel Atom Ride

Driving an Aston Martin and riding shotgun in an Ariel Atom is sure to leave you...

Product ID: 6567

£139.00   £69.00

Ford GT40 Drive

This is an amazing chance to drive one of the most iconic racing cars ever built...

Product ID: 6587

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£99.00   £54.00

Triple Movie Supercar Drive

Buckle your seatbelt and prepare for the ultimate driving experience of a lifeti...

Product ID: 6590

£179.00   £89.00

Triple Supercar Drive for Juniors

Treat your child or grandchild to this incredible opportunity to drive two iconi...

Product ID: 6595

£149.00   £99.00

Audi Driving Thrill at Thruxton Motorsport Centre

The Audi R8 V8 may well be a relative newcomer to the racing scene, but that has...

Product ID: 5426


Iron Man Audi R8 Blast

Who wouldn’t want to drive the same car as Iron Man? This amazing motor combines...

Product ID: 5429


Track Time with Dad - Driving Blast for Two

Forget the socks and whiskey and treat Dad to an action-packed driving blast. Yo...

Product ID: 5434


Supercar Thrill at Goodwood

Goodwood Circuit is a racing circuit with a long and fascinating history which m...

Product ID: 5437


Jaguar Driving Thrill at Thruxton Motorsport Centre

As one of the UK’s most iconic motoring brands, Jaguar have earned themselves a ...

Product ID: 5447


Aston Martin V8 Vantage Blast

This car is a triumph of engineering and elegance and its sleek lines are instan...

Product ID: 5450


Ford Bullitt Mustang Driving Experience

Drift Limits Motorsport company invites you to take the iconic ‘68 Ford Bullitt ...

Product ID: 5508


Mk1 Escort RS Blast

It’s not often that a vehicle intended to be a comfortable family car makes it o...

Product ID: 5537


Famous Racing Circuits

Driving a supercar is an extraordinary experience in itself. From the growl of t...

Product ID: 5545


Mk1 Escort RS Thrill

The Mk1 Escort may not normally be mentioned in the same breath as Ferraris and ...

Product ID: 5565


Supercar Taster with High Speed Passenger Ride

Buckle up and prepare for the driving experience of a lifetime. This is a golden...

Product ID: 5728


Camaro SS Thrill

Car Chase Heroes offers customers the chance to experience driving a wide range ...

Product ID: 5741


Nissan Skyline Thrill

The R34 Nissan Skyline is just like Brian’s from the Fast and Furious films; wel...

Product ID: 5754


Toyota Supra Thrill

A Japanese supercar with amazing performance from its turbo charged engine and w...

Product ID: 5764


Radical Race Car Passenger Ride

Ever wanted to be a passenger in an F1 car? Quite simply the nearest experience ...

Product ID: 5825


Aston Martin Blast

This is your chance to get behind the wheel of an Aston Martin and channel your ...

Product ID: 5845


1969 Camaro SS Blast

Feel the wind through your hair in the all-American muscle car as you put your f...

Product ID: 5847


Ford Mustang Blast

The Ford Mustang is a true modern muscle car, with its ferocious power and its g...

Product ID: 5854


Nissan Skyline Blast

Ever wanted to recreate some of your favourite scenes from the Fast and Furious ...

Product ID: 5865


Toyota Supra Blast

If you have a burning need for speed then this experience will be a fantastic op...

Product ID: 5873


Lamborghini Thrill

Slide behind the wheel of a stunning Lamborghini supercar and experience first-h...

Product ID: 6256


Junior Lamborghini Thrill

You may not be able to drive yet, but you can still try out the ultimate pin up ...

Product ID: 6276


Aston Martin Ferrari Lamborghini

Aston Martin, Lamborghini and Ferrari. Three names that makes the hairs on the b...

Product ID: 6280


Aston Martin Thrill

Aston Martin, the UK's most famous brand of supercar, have been making the best ...

Product ID: 6281


Aston Martin Lamborghini

It's Britain against Italy and you are the judge. Will you prefer the beautiful ...

Product ID: 6283


Nissan GT-R Thrill

The Nissan GT-R is all about speed and precision. The attention to detail is ext...

Product ID: 6286


Lamborghini Aventador Blast

This is the fastest Lamborghini ever produced. In a word: shattering. The price?...

Product ID: 6300


Nissan GTR Audi R8

These are two of the latest cars to appear on the supercar scene. The Audi R8 is...

Product ID: 6301


Rally Supercar Experience

Especially for supercar fans who also appreciate a superb handling legend, the R...

Product ID: 6309


Supercar Drive for Two

This supercar blast experience makes a superb gift. With a choice of the world's...

Product ID: 6310


Aston Martin Drive Ariel Atom Ride

Driving an Aston Martin and riding shotgun in an Ariel Atom is sure to leave you...

Product ID: 6317

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Supercar Taster

This experience is a fun introduction to the world of supercars. Which supercar ...

Product ID: 6318


Awesome Foursome with High Speed Passenger Ride

This experience is the perfect introduction to the world of supercars. As well a...

Product ID: 6339


Fantastic Four Supercar Blast with Passenger Ride

This experience is the perfect introduction to the world of supercars. As well a...

Product ID: 6346


20 Lap Rally Experience

Experience the thrills of rallying, with the opportunity to drive at high speeds...

Product ID: 6350

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