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Venomous Snake Show for Two


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11 months

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Snakes are a divisive creature - some people are fascinated by them and love nothing more than the chance to get their hands on these scaly creatures whereas others cannot get over their reputation for being potentially dangerous.   This informative and interesting experience is a chance to learn about some of the most venomous snakes in the world not just in theory but in practice as guests will be able to see some of them up close. Experienced keepers will handle the snakes, including a presentation which will provide a wealth of information about the snakes themselves including how to reduce the chances of getting bitten by looking out for a few simple clues as to what the snake is thinking. This is the only show of its kind and a real treat for anyone who enjoys learning about animals and appreciates the chance to witness some of the most fascinating and misunderstood animals in the flesh.

This experience for two begins with a warm welcome from the keepers who will take guests on a tour of the reptile area and show them some of the other creatures that live in the reptile house which will not be featured in the show. Then it’s time to head to the show area where visitors will get the chance to see an exclusive live show which includes some of the most venomous snakes in the world and the experts who know them best.   The presentation will include a range of information about which snakes have been maligned by the media and which have earned their reputation as a threat to humans. Guests will also learn how snake venom is used in medicine and discover how they can avoid being the victim of a snake attack by spotting their warning signs and everyone will learn the secrets of the snake charmers.

The minimum age for this experience is 5 years old.
This experience is available Monday to Sunday, throughout the year.

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